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Our methodology is simple: we get feedback from your most important asset – your people. Your company will gather employee opinions using a specific set of questions. The questions are included in Aon’s standard engagement survey and can be administered as part of the regular employee survey or as a separate survey.

Our criteria for qualification are based on four measurable drivers

1 Engagement Index Employees speak positively about the company, see their future in the company and are motivated to exert extra effort at work
2 Leadership Index Leaders treat employees as valued assets, engage employees in the vision and lead
the company to success
3 Performance Culture Index Employees are aligned to company goals
and are rewarded and recognised
for their contribution
4 Employer Brand Index Employees are proud to be part of the company and can clearly explain what makes their company different from others

These four indices are calculated for every company at the country level and then compared to the Aon thresholds for the four key indices.

How does Aon determine the thresholds?

Aon sets the top quartile thresholds for the four indices (engagement, leadership, performance culture, employer brand) annually, using data from its global employee research database:

Benchmarks are established for homogeneous groups of countries with similar cultural and employment practices, ensuring that the Aon Best Employers program has both globally consistent methodology and culturally relevant benchmarks. Depending on where you participated, your company can achieve local, regional or global recognition.

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